Monday, September 07, 2015

Camp Hydaway Adventures

Yesterday, in sore need of some fresh air, I hopped on a bus to Camp Hydaway and spent the next few hours kayaking and hiking on their extensive trails. I wasn't actually aware that you could kayak, so that was a pleasant surprise because it's one of my favorite water activities. The lake at Camp Hydaway is more like a glorified puddle compared to the lakes I'm used to, but still, I enjoyed my time there and will definitely be going back. After ditching the kayak, I hiked around in the woods for maybe a mile or two (silly me, I wore flip-flops) and took a picture or two. I revisited the alcove where I found Bravo Mike, the baby turtle I kidnapped two years ago, but unfortunately, all the baby turtles knew I was coming and hid. Next time, baby turtles. Next time. 
      Sophomore year is off to a great and quick start; we've already begun our third week, and I'm enjoying all of my classes, for the most part, which always makes them more bearable. I'll keep you updated periodically, particularly if something interesting happens (like me nearly fainting and getting escorted to the health center by a policeman again!). 
     Ciao for now, lovely people! :) 

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