The Books

Young Falcon - Book One of Sons and Daughters

The daughter of respectable parents and quite comfortable to spend all her life in her quaint hometown of Aseamir, located on the post-modern continent of Yaracina, Elysia doesn’t realize exactly how big and fierce the world is when she agrees to journey to her country’s capital on a mission for her father. Even before she takes flight from her small city, she seems to be plagued by misfortunes, and things only get worse as her journey progresses. She develops an irrevocable mental bond with a man she’s never seen before that is so strong, they cannot even tell their own thoughts, dreams, wishes, and emotions apart. People are killed, and secrets abound. Elysia stumbles and struggles to fly amidst the chaos around her, alone and confused, but now that she’s begun, things are set in motion that cannot be reversed, no matter how much she wishes it. She’s taken wing, and there’s no going back now, no matter how battered and afraid her flight leaves her …

“Why do you call me ‘young falcon?’”
“You remind me of a very young falcon that thinks it knows how to fly and hunt for itself, but in reality, it knows very little of how to survive in the world …”

Fallen Rose 

Like the thorns that deface a rose, so Zoser’s humans have become to Yaracina. One by one, cities succumb to their power, and Elysia becomes desperate as she is still pursued by Roman. Her flight takes her across mountains, forces her into her first real battle, gains her new friends and allies, teaches her more about the world than she ever dreamed, and eventually sees her fall in love. But the thorns stab deeper, stripping her of many things she holds dear and breaking her weary heart in a tragic, pivotal moment. 

    And back in Aseamir, Elysia’s city struggles to stand firm against the growing threat of Zoser’s men. Her younger sister, Lillian, befriends a young stranger, and they become fugitives when Roman comes looking for something hidden in the city that Zoser very much desires. All around them, things become uncertain and dangerous, and no one is sure whom to trust anymore. The rose of Yaracina begins to wilt as it’s poisoned by Zoser and his army, and there is little hope for its revival ...