The Author

Elizabeth Anne McKinney was born in Texas. She began reading at the age of four, writing stories by age five, and by the time she was in third grade, she had read The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit several times.  She wrote stories for her school's Young Author contest every year until sixth grade and achieved the highest award of Overall Excellence every time. In sixth grade, when she was twelve, the idea for the Sons and Daughters saga was conceived. Two years later, at age fourteen, she completed her first novel, which numbered nearly 700 pages, but due to the book's length, the book was cut in half before published, resulting in the first two books of the Sons and Daughters series. She recently completed the third book in the series and has begun work on the fourth. Her first novel, Young Falcon, was released on November 17th, 2011, and Book Two was released in December 2014.
       Elizabeth loves watching action movies (like The Avengers and Captain America), spending time with her friends, mythology, designing costumes, names, history, talking about God, listening to music, and planning the next books in the Sons and Daughters saga. 

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Email Elizabeth at or comment on this blog. She will reply within a few days.