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ANOTHER HUGE LEAP FOR YOUNG FALCON ON AMAZON! My book is now ranked #58,172, the highest it's EVER BEEN!! Previous highest rank: #140, 998!! On my Amazon Sales Rank chart, there's less than a centimeter between my ranking and the #1 spot! Guys, thank you SO MUCH for continuing to support me and my book -- y'all are just propelling Book Two further and further towards being printed!! You are amazing fans, and keep doing what you're doing; it's working!! :D :D Praise God, too, for this continued success of my little book! I know #58,172 is not fantastic the grand scheme of things, but hey! It's the highest I've ever gone on the Amazon charts, and hopefully we'll take Young Falcon to the top spot someday! :D 

In celebration, yet another snippet! Enjoy! :)

    “Hurry back,” Roman said acidly, and Lliam laughed somewhat bitterly.
    “I might appreciate that more if I didn’t know you only wanted me back so Jakob wouldn’t be telling you what to do,” he commented, and Roman smirked again. He enjoyed taunting Lliam with comments such as that, one that Lliam knew were intended to pain him, and often in the past—though not so frequently in the past few months—Lliam had always responded with equally barbed insults. It had almost been a game to Roman, seeing who could respond with the deepest cut, but now, it seemed Lliam had given up on retaliating. Roman knew it was because of his connection with Elysia; she was making Lliam weaker, and he resented her for it. In some strange way, he felt vulnerable, less sure of himself, when Lliam did not react to his persistent mockery. When his words did not elicit an angry response from his brother, Roman felt almost scared. He did not know what to do with Lliam anymore, it seemed; this more mature, sombre brother was one he did not know. Lliam had always been more serious and level-headed than Roman even when they were children, but this was something else entirely, and it frightened Roman. 
     Saying nothing, Roman lowered his gaze. 
     Lliam came forward and stood before Roman, gazing at him solemnly. “Roman … I’m doing this to protect you,” he said quietly. “If you keep losing battles and getting our men killed, Zoser is not the only one that will be furious with you. Think of the men who remain—how hard do you think it is for them, seeing their brothers in arms dying by the dozen every time you lead an attack? This can’t go on, Roman. You’ve got to get it together.”
    Filled with both loathing for Lliam’s reprimand and helplessness at his departure, Roman swallowed past the lump in his throat and replied just as softly, “I’m trying.” He hated how emotionally the words came out, but there was no taking them back. 
    “I know,” Lliam assured him. “Just … just be careful, all right? Don’t do anything stupid.”
    Roman recoiled slightly in offence, and Lliam sighed, realising his error. “Sorry, just …” He shook his head and then reached out and gripped Roman’s shoulder, looking at him earnestly. “You take care of yourself, Roman.” Then he brushed past and exited the tent, leaving Roman a little bit stunned and incredibly bewildered. That was the first hint of affection and concern his brother had shown him in a very long time, and while it had not been much, it had been enough to throw Roman completely off-guard.
     He had a terrible, sinking feeling that everything was beginning to change.  

Didn't I say the idea of Elysia making Lliam weak would reappear? Well, here it is again! ;) I love the scenes between Lliam and Roman SO MUCH! Ahhhh they're my favourites! :D

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