Friday, June 08, 2012

Page 123 and a New Snippet!

I've gotten all the way to page 123 in editing now, and I would feel better about that if I was more than a fourth of the way finished o.O Yeah, Book Two's a little bit longer than Young Falcon, and by the time it's printed, it'll probably be a lot longer! ;) Anyway, here's a (small) snippet for you in celebration:

She’s making me weak, Lliam reflected sullenly, stepping out of the tent. He did not like the effect his connection with Elysia was having upon him, not one bit, but it was inevitable. What was done was done, and there was nothing he could change now. By now, even Jakob was beginning to notice a change in Lliam, along with Roman and a few others, and they were starting to question him. It concerned Lliam greatly that he appeared to others as though he was becoming weak in his authority and conviction, but seeing the world through Elysia’s eyes had caused him to evaluate his circumstances differently, including what he was doing and why. He had already pretty much come to accept that he and Roman were not going back home, and he had been learning to live with that, but now that Elysia had come along, his entire mind and perspective was different -- in nearly all regards.
      That seventeen-year-old girl from Aseamir had changed everything.

Oh, Lliam. Love him :D Any thoughts on what will happen with his relationship with Elysia?
(And keep in mind, this hasn't been edited yet. Don't judge if you see any errors :) )

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