Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Two is Now 400 Pages

It started out as being 284 pages....heh. So...I've added a little bit ;) It's GREAT stuff, though; I'm absolutely loving my revisions/new version, and considering that Book Two was my least favourite book of the series, it's a good sign that I'm now actually enjoying it :} There will be some favourite old characters returning, as well as some new ones -- including two of my own favourites >:) There will be LOTS of action (more than was in Young Falcon), suspense, romance, magic, politics, and an intense, epic conclusion that will be even more exciting than Young Falcon's! :) Lame promo, I know ;) But, as always, keep spreading the word, my little army! Fight to share Young Falcon with the world so you can read Book Two! Trust me -- you won't be disappointed!! :) And please keep praying that my editing continues to go well and that doors (or windows) will open for me and my little book!
    Have a great week, y'all!!

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