Wednesday, June 06, 2012

100 Conquered!!

I have conquered the first 100 pages of Book Two, and I am feeling gloriously victorious >:) Only ~288 pages to go!! Whoo-hoo!! Things are going swimmingly :} For those of you wondering, 'Well, what is Book Two going to be about?', here is a summary (complete with some dorky quotes):

“He is mightier than the stars and the heavenly bodies.
He holds destiny in his hand, and he will grind your tiny city under heel like a fallen rose.
Your protests will make no difference.
You are as a mere speck within the mighty bounds of his land, and so are your people.
He will make them fight for him, and they will soon forget they were ever anything but tools, mere chaff in the wind, here today and gone tomorrow …”

Like the thorns that deface a rose, so Zoser’s humans have become to Yaracina. One by one, cities succumb to their power, and Elysia becomes desperate as she is still pursued by Roman. Her flight takes her across mountains, forces her into her first real battle, gains her new friends and allies, teaches her more about the world than she ever dreamed, and eventually sees her fall in love. But the thorns stab ever deeper, stripping her of many things she holds dear and breaking her weary heart in a tragic, pivotal moment.
    And back in Aseamir, Elysia’s city struggles to stand firm against the growing threat of Zoser’s men. Her younger sister, Lillian, befriends a young stranger, and they become fugitives when Roman comes looking for something hidden in the city that Zoser very much desires. All around them, things become uncertain and dangerous, and no one is sure whom to trust anymore. The rose of Yaracina begins to wilt as it is poisoned by Zoser and his army, and there is little hope for its revival.

“Why did Zoser have to come to my country and ruin all our lives?
Why did he have to kill all those people, and destroy everything we’ve worked for?”
“It was meant to happen, young falcon …
I’m sorry.” 

Thoughts, anyone? How's Book Two sounding so far? :)


  1. Sounds so Good!!! I can't wait to read it! Young Falcon captured me and this has already ensnared me!!! :D

  2. So glad to hear it! I think Book Two will serve to improve upon and escalate the intensity and emotion of Young Falcon — and hopefully get you all excited for Book Three, which is VERY intense!! :D