Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Sudden Increase in Visitors

Today my blog has had 48 visitors...I usually get about six. 23 of them were from Germany. Hmm....Glad to have you, Germans!! :D In the past week, I've had 77 visitors. Yay for sudden increases in visitors! *celebrates* 
   And by the way, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend N.G.!!! *celebrates again* Have a fantastic b-day!! :D


  1. I visited a couple pages on your blog, so a couple of those 'Germans' would probably be me. :3 I live in Germany, but I'm still American. I'm a Christian and a writer (though I try to mix in some of my religion with the writing, it doesn't really work out so well. >:/ ). Anyways, your story sounds fascinating, and inspires me to try and finish my own. I am saving up to buy the book and, even though I haven't even read it yet, am excited and hope for the next one. :3

    1. Well, it's great to have you, Beth! Thank you so much for taking the time to look over my blog, and I hope Young Falcon doesn't disappoint!
      It definitely can be challenging trying to mix religion into stories, but it certainly can be done! There are some hints at Christianity in my books -- though they're mostly themes and morals instead of blatantly Christian -- and so I would suggest asking God how little or much to put in your story. Sometimes His message will reach people more effectively if it's more subtle. Anyway, that's fantastic that you're writing as well. Don't give up, and always thank God for the talents He's blessed you with! :)