Friday, April 06, 2012

Quality Books and Page 86

Ok, some updates for you! I'm currently on page 86 of Book Four, page 13 of The Rat Race, and I'm loving both! (I am, however, having some conflictions about The Rat Race's plot, but those will hopefully be resolved soon.) Book Four's events are heating up nicely, and the first major battle scene is coming up soon! Mini spoiler: Zoser will be there, and so will Nathaniel :) I'm excited!!
   Also, Young Falcon has been accepted by Quality Books, an organisation that distributes new books to libraries all over the country. Praise God! Small steps now that will lead to bigger steps later ♥ Hopefully, this will get the book some good exposure; I'm dying to read a fanfiction. Haha! ;) Anyway, they've ordered 5 books to start with and hopefully more will follow. Please continue to pray for Young Falcon's success so that I can share the next stories of Sons and Daughters with the world and use the talent God's blessed me with! I hear all these stories of now-famous authors (such as Christopher Paolini) who started out very small and stayed that way for a while, and then something happened to bring their work into the public eye, so I have faith that God will do the same for me when the time is right. It's hard to wait, though ;) 
    Hope everyone is doing well! I'll try to post more often, but it's spring, and spring is always busy. Have a great weekend! :)

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