Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Going to Send Young Falcon to Colton Dixon!

So, on American Idol tonight, I saw that some girl sent my favourite contestant, Colton Dixon, a prom invitation, and my mum was like, "Hey, you should send him your book!" She was joking, of course, but I thought that was actually a good idea, so I am, indeed, going to send Colton a copy of Young Falcon. He's a very strong and vocal Christian, and on his Facebook page, he said he's trying to write back to all the letters he's getting, so I thought 'What the heck? Why not?' That'd be SO COOL if he read my book! It'd be pretty sweet if he, you know, mentioned it on his Facebook page or Twitter page, too ;) I'll leave it up to God as to the response from Colton. Wish me luck! :D

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