Sunday, March 25, 2012


Ok, so here's how yesterday went: I went to get my hair done at 10:30 (which included an initially awkward conversation with the hairdresser, but once we started talking about The Hunger Games, it got less awkward ;) ), drove to Salado, ate at Arby's, and then went to the Central Texas Area Museum. Most of the authors were already there, so we visited for about 30 minutes until 1:00 rolled around. I got to meet Elizabeth Moon, who was a fellow fantasy writer and the winner of the Nebula Award. She was very nice and quite a character. There were no people in the audience at first, but soon some came in. We only had about 20 people there by the time the speeches started, which was a bit disappointing. We all gave our speeches, had snacks and punch, bought/signed books, and then left. It was fun, but not the most exciting event I've been to. Then we drove to my dad's cousin's daughter's wedding. I got to wear my new purple gown, which is the fanciest dress I've ever had. And with my hair up and curly and my diamond necklace, I looked pretty schnazzy, if I do say so myself ;) The wedding was at an Episcopalian church and was very long, but the reception was very fun!! It was in this really fancy country club (which looked like a house from Pride and Prejudice), and we all had champagne/wine glasses (mine had Diet Coke, though) and were eating food off the servers' little trays and all that. Dude. I felt so fancy!!! It was AWESOME!!! Best wedding reception ever!! :D
   And today, I got to watch the first two episodes of the new anime series, The Legend of Korra, and they were fantastic! I love it so far!! The only thing that annoyed me was that two of the characters' names were pronounced differently than I had been imagining: Mako is apparently pronounced mack-ko. I had been saying may-ko. And Bolin is apparently bo-LIN, whilst I had been putting the emphasis on the bo (BO-lin). Oh well. ;) The second episode (and a video that shows 'what's coming up on The Legend of Korra!') hints that Mako and Korra will be having some romance, which I really hope happens in compensation for the loss of Zutara!!!! :D :D 
   So yeah; that was my weekend. PG13 and N.G., let me know how the choir competition and modelling went!! :)

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  1. Wow, the reception sounds amazing! Purple really seems to be the "in" color for weddings. My friend's brother's wedding has purple for a color, too.