Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Approaching Events

This weekend, I am attending the Readers' and Writers' Round Table event in Salado, TX, and I get to make a 5-10 minute speech about Young Falcon and sign books. Yay! I'm not so excited about the speech, especially since I'm going first, but personally, I love signing books :D There are going to be 9 other authors there, including two other sci-fi/fantasy writers. One of those is Elizabeth Moon, who has written lots of books and won awards and all that. I think she writes high fantasy, which are the fantasy stories that have all the weird names with apostrophes and plots that are extremely confusing and strange, so it'll be interesting to meet her. I don't know who the other fantasy author is...but I think her name's Karen. Anyway, I'll be sure to follow up with all the details of this event :)
    And then my school is having a book fair next week, so my mum is going to man a table where kids can order Young Falcon and give her the money. I seriously hope I can somehow get out of class to help her o.O And hopefully, I'll sell quite a few at these events! I think we're...sort of nearing half-way on making up what we spent on printing the books, so that's good. Please, please, please keep praying for the success of Young Falcon and that all of these upcoming events will go well! I really appreciate all the support y'all have been giving me; it's fantastic to have friends like y'all!!
    Also, congrats to PG13 for reaching 100 pages on her book!! So proud of you; keep it up!! :D

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