Friday, September 02, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Going to my school's Back-to-School Bash tomorrow night, and then spending the night with the G's and going to the lake with them for P.G.'s 16th birthday on Sunday. It's gonna be so fun!! G.C., J.R. (who is back at my school, by the way), T.C., and some other of my best friends are gonna be at the Bash, so it's going to be awesome, even though there's NO way it can be as awesome as last year - it rained incessantly last year, and we stayed outside almost the entire time! IT WAS SO AMAZING!! <3 But it should be fun anyway, even if it won't be raining ;) 
    No homework, either!! Yesssss!!! Awesome weekend coming up; praise God for friends, Back-to-School Bashes, rain, and love! May the Father bless you this weekend and have a safe holiday!!

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