Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Testimonials, Writing, and the Back Cover

Well, I now have three awesome testimonials for the back cover of Young Falcon, from P.G., my cousin J.H., and my school's principal. So happy with the feedback they gave me!! I think they all really enjoyed my book (what they read of it, anyway), and that's SO encouraging. I feel like people automatically think that because I'm only fifteen, my book's going to be for ten-year-olds. One of the ladies my mom works with in the cafeteria asked her, "How's Elizabeth's children's book coming?" ERG!! If you've read any of my book, you know it's definitely NOT a children's book!! Not meaning that it's inappropriate, just...too mature (and possibly tedious) for middle-schoolers. But if anyone asks you about Young Falcon, please clarify that it's not for kids below the eighth grade! This series is designed and aimed towards high schoolers and older kids, not young ones, and the first book (Young Falcon) is the most mild of them all.
    So! I managed to write two pages on the third book last night, which is a really good thing, because I had been completely stuck only a few pages away from one of the most important events in the entire series. It's so very annoying when I can't write and I'm so close to something so big. But God decided it was time for me to get working again and gave me some inspiration, which was so appreciated! Thanks, Daddy! :D 
    The back cover should be done by tonight (my editor said she'd be sending it to me tonight), so I shall let you know how it looks, if I like it, etc. We're getting so close to being done!! I think it should definitely be released by my birthday (November 14th), if not sooner. Please keep praying that all goes well; your prayers have been SO helpful and I know God has blessed me because of them. God bless you; I love you all so much!!

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