Monday, September 05, 2011

The Party and the Lake

Well, I just got home from Salado, where I went last night after spending all day at the lake with the G's. It was a very amazing day! I had a wonderful time seeing all my friends, and even though I'm badly sunburnt and can barely lift my arms over my head, it will definitely be a fantastic memory. 
   The Back-to-School Bash, which was Saturday night, was ok - definitely NOT as good as last year. There just wasn't much to do. But my good friend M.D. came and I hung out with her on the playground, along with some other friends, for most of the night. Then I went home with the G's, and we watched a few episodes of Avatar and then went to bed. On Sunday, we picked up N.G's friend K.M. and took her with us to the lake, and until about 3:00, it was just the three of us, P.G., and P.G.'s friend Michelle. We went out on the lake, and N.G. went skiing, and they all went tubing, except me. Just wasn't feeling up to it, for some reason. But it was so fun watching them! :D It was very windy, and therefore they were bouncing all over the place and falling off. At 3:00, everyone else came, even T.C., whom we convinced to stay. (He had come only to drop off his older brother, who is P.G.'s boyfriend) So glad he could stay! It was his first boat and tubing experience, and I think he really enjoyed it. :) Then we had dinner, P.G. opened presents, and then Mr. G took me home. Great, awesome weekend! :)

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