Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hectic Days

Well, I've now completed my second week of school, and while it's been a very fulfilling and epic two weeks, it's also been exhausting. I already have two projects assigned that are due in two weeks, and I've turned in an annotated bibliography for English. Geometry is hard already....ugh! The only good thing about school is, of course, my amazing and wacky friends; they always make me laugh and remind me that it's not the educational things that are important, but the relationships I'm creating and renewing. 
    I'm working on the back cover of Young Falcon also, along with all the school stuff. There's going to be 3 testimonials on the back, one from Mrs. Weed (credentials = Doctorate and Masters in Education), one from P.G. (credentials = my best friend!), and my elder cousin Jayson (credentials = teacher and has a Masters in English). Fun stuff! That way, I can show that teens, adults, and guys can all read and enjoy my book. Also been writing the acknowledgments and dedication; that's been an epic experience :) I'm so busy, but the work I'm doing is so enjoyable!! 
    But...I haven't had time to work on Book Three any these past few weeks....well, ok, I have, but I've had other things that needed doing first. Hopefully some pages will get written today! Please keep praying for my book and me; your prayers are greatly appreciated! :) God bless!

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