Saturday, May 14, 2011


My good friend H.K. is reading Young Falcon whilst we're waiting for Sheryn Hara to reply. She really likes it! She said, 'It was so good, I had to literally make myself stop reading it so I could read what I was actually supposed to be reading (for school)!' Yay!! Reviews like this are good; I'm so happy! :D Most of my friends like the fast, detail-less, boom-boom-boom stories that go so fast you barely have time to catch your breath, whereas mine is much more thoughtful and slow; it really lets you decide what you think about each character before any action is introduced, I think. It's a very detailed story that lets you get deep in each character's head, whereas all the other young adult fiction I've read as of late doesn't really do that: all the characters kinda have the same general personality. If it's a girl: annoyingly fiesty and kick-butt (for no apparent reason, either) but still cute and boy-crazy. If it's a boy: bland and colourless, but always cute and has harems of girls throwing themselves at him. Yeah...not the kind of characters I want to read about. I really tried to be conscious of that whilst I was writing my books; I was thinking, 'Ok, what kind of characters, places, actions scenes, etc., would I want to read about? What would make me say, 'This is an awesome book!''' So I tried to bring that out and share the things I think are cool to read about with all my audience, and I hope they like it too. :)

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