Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scotty McCreery's Homecoming in Garner, North Carolina

For all of you who don't watch American Idol, there's a 17-year-old contestant on the show named Scotty McCreery, and this past week, he made it into the Top 3. He's from Garner, North Carolina, and he's a strong Christian. A few days ago, he did the homecoming concert in Garner, and he was surprised onstage by his own hero, country star Josh Turner. Scotty had a hilarious reaction of 'Oh my gosh!' and subsequently falling to his knees, but he held it together and went on to perform his theme song 'Your Man' with the song's original singer, Mr. Turner himself. They chatted a bit onstage then, giving each other numerous compliments, and next they sang 'Long Black Train', Scotty's proclaimed 'favourite song of all time'. Scotty also had several references to God, and he reassured fans that instead of his faith weakening when he went away to Hollywood, it had gotten stronger. He also shared a God-story before he left, saying, ''I wanna share one God thing with y'all before I leave. So two days ago, I was looking at the forecast and it was rain, rain, rain, lightning, thunder, rain, and I really wanted to get this concert in, so I started prayin', and I said, 'God, I wanna be able to do this.' And I looked in my Bible, and I flipped to this marked page. I didn't remember markin' it, but there it was. And there was a verse it referenced, so I went and looked up that verse. It was Amos 4:7. Y'all wanna know what it said? 'And I witheld the rain from you.' That was a God thing there!''
    What a fantastic kid! He's obviously not ashamed of his faith, and God's definitely blessed him for it. I know he'll do great in the music world whether he wins or not, but I am totally voting for him in the finale! Not only is he a fantastic singer, but he's also a great, sweet, Christian guy who hasn't let Hollywood get to him - why wouldn't you want him as your American Idol? I'm really looking forward to hearing his testimony when we all get to Heaven, and to hear what it was like for him being in that environment and yet still being able to lean on our Father and be strong. I really admire this guy, obviously; he'll definitely go far, especially with the Help he's got!
     To check out the video of Scotty's homecoming, click here. It's well worth it! God bless, y'all, and vote for Scotty!!

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