Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Very Busy Week :)

Hello! I haven't gone off and died, don't worry; I've just been very busy. So this summer, I've done pretty much nothing but edit Book Two and talk to one of my friends, N.B. This week, however, I have a tone of stuff to do that pretty much makes up for my whole boring summer ;) Yesterday, N.B., her mum, and I went to Schlitterbahn. Needless to say, the Torrent River, or wave pool, is still the best ride ... especially after we spent 90 minutes waiting in line to ride one of the big slides one time -.- But yeah, that was marvellous; I haven't been to Schlitterbahn since I was about nine. And tomorrow, I get to go to M.D.'s house for her make-up birthday party. Well, she had one, but some of us didn't get to go. So we're going now. And it sounds awesome! (It includes a movie, IHOP, and something to do with ninjas and water balloons... >:) ) And then on Friday, I get to to with the G's to the lake for three days! Yay! I can get all nice and sunburned before school starts! XD Haha, nah, it'll be great! Oh, and we have 3 new kids in my class this year! My class is the smallest in my high school; we have about 30 kids, and so when we get new ones, they're kind of all we talk about in the days before school starts :} This year, we have two girls, a boy, and a boy who's coming back (he left after 7th grade). And N.B.'s younger brother is coming too. 
     As for the editing of Book Two...let's just say it was stressing me out and I've taken a sabbatical until school starts ;) 
    Anyway, as you can see, I have a lovely, busy week ahead :) If anything weird/funny happens, I will certainly let you know. 
    Have a spectacular week, y'all!! :D

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