Friday, June 01, 2012

My Evil Plan for Editing

Ok, so it's really not that evil ;) But I was just thinking about this as I was working on a section of Book Two and decided to post about it: I haven't worked on (as in, legitimately written anything new) Book Two since I was about 13, so it's going to need some serious revision (I'm basically rewriting it), and I realised that if I hadn't continued working on Book Three and Book Four, I wouldn't have grown as a writer and been able to properly edit and rewrite Book Two. Without the massive growing I've done since finishing Book Two three years ago, it would end up being just as crappy as it was the first time. I wouldn't know the characters half as well, wouldn't know what was going to happen (and therefore, couldn't properly lead up to significant events), wouldn't have as good a grasp on my story itself, wouldn't be so familiar with my own mind and the way I think -- the benefits of working ahead are so great! And it made me realise what a good strategy this is. Planning (and writing) ahead really helps me with what I'm editing (or even currently working on) and gives me an incentive to keep going. If I know and am excited about what's coming up, then I have to keep working to get to it (I could skip ahead, but it's so much more fun to actually work to; you get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction that's hard to beat when you've worked and worked and actually get there). Funny how God makes things work sometimes, isn't it? I love the writing process -- the planning, the editing, the writing, the rewriting, the characters, the places, the emotions, the events, the foreshadowings, the complex inner workings of every thing and one that only I understand ... This is the THE best job in the entire world!!!
    Anyway, I should probably stop talking about editing and get back to it; awesome revisions await! :D Hope you all have a great day/summer!!

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