Thursday, May 31, 2012

Roleplaying, Calculator Tales, Whatever

So a few weeks ago, my friend N.B., who has also written a book (and needs to get it published!) suggested we see what happened if our characters met each other. At first we tried just talking through it, but that was kind of an epic fail, so N.B. suggested that we type it out on her calculator (a TI-Inspire), which would effectively fool our teachers into thinking we were actually helping each other with math or something ;) Anyway - this was a great idea. Anyway, it involves Elysia, two of N.B.'s characters (Alarin and Core), a happy-go-lucky, knowledge-loving guy called the Wizard (and that is his name), and Thor and Loki from Thor :D They've been trapped in a fancy restaurant, in a forest, visited Asgard - who knows where else they'll end up. It's very entertaining ;)
   Hope you're all have a great summer so far!!

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