Thursday, May 03, 2012

Experience Gained!

So...I twisted my ankle playing speedball in PE yesterday (all G.C.'s fault, by the way ;) ), and I hobbled all over school today in a borrowed brace. Fuuuunnn stuff. I actually am kinda thankful that this happened though, because I have a character later on (first appearing in Book Four) that is crippled, so now I have some experience from which to draw when I write about him! Yay! Hahahaha :) Unfortunately, tomorrow is Grandparents' Day at my school - which will involve having to hobble allllll over campus. *sigh* Oh, well; it'll make the character more realistic. I'm all about realistic characters :D
   Hope you have a great weekend! Good luck at state track, PG13 and N.G.!!!

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