Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Late Report on the Valentine's Dance

Oh, the Valentine's Dance...First and lamest dance I've ever been to ;) The first problem - it was in a small barn, and it was so dark we literally could barely tell who was who. There were alternating green and red sparkling lights, but that really didn't help much. Second problem - the music was too soft. It was kinda hard to even hear the words well. Third problem - there weren't enough boys. The girl-to-boy ratio was way off, and at a dance, that's unfortunate. PG13, N.G., M.M., and I 'danced' a little bit, but I found this kinda pointless, so M.M. and I went over to one of the picnic tables, which had six or seven little candles on them, and both played with the candles and talked about boys. Ah, the boy conversations; those are fun ;) Really, that was the highlight of my night....pretty sad. (There was a chocolate fountain, too, but I didn't feel like eating much chocolate.) But yeah, M.M. and I had a great conversation...which was also a little awkward, because we each like someone that the other knows really well. Haha ;) 
    Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! Hope it was better than mine! ;)

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