Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I Find Funny

So since people at my school have heard that I've written a book, they've been congratulating me and assuring me that this 'is such a big accomplishment.' Now to me, this is like being congratulated for breathing; it doesn't mean much to me because it comes so naturally and easily to me. Now don't take that to mean I don't appreciate the compliments and congratulations, but it's just weird to be complimented for something a talent that God blessed me with and that I use literally every day. I realise some people think writing a book is a huge accomplishment, but it's not, really; people that were born to write will write, just as people who were born to play sports will play sports. It's not a bit different. I just find it all a bit amusing. I even had one of my classmates ask me if I could make a character named after him in my next book, 'perhaps a guard that will die a noble death'. Haha! I love this job! :D Thank you, God, for making me a writer; it's honestly the MOST AMAZING gift in the world :D

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