Sunday, November 13, 2011

Awesome Birthday Weekend!

Monday is my birthday, but since it's on a Monday, we had to have my party this weekend. G.C., T.C., and L.W. came to Salado and went to the Gathering of the Scottish Clans with me, which was so much fun!! I was hearing bagpipes in my dreams last night o.O We all bought swords of some sort (T.C. and G.C. bought pens that uncapped to reveal a small, sharp blade - and they also write like normal pens! L.W. got a Skian Dubh, which is a small knife that Scottish men wear in their socks, and I got a small replica of Sting, Frodo's sword in Lord of the Rings. So awesome!!) T.C. also debated buying this gorgeous forest-green cape that had Celtic silver trim, but it was $85, so he didn't buy it. It would have been so cool if he had, though! At my grandma's house, we had barbecue and German chocolate cake (yum!) and I got some very cool gifts. G.C. gave me a bottle-cap necklace that says 'With God, all things are possible', L.W. have me a Barnes and Noble gift card, T.C. gave me three Barnes and Noble gift cards and a very sweet note, and my parents gave me a poster book cover. Gonna be sort of weird to have that hanging in my room, but awesome at the same time. It was a fantastic weekend! Best birthday ever!! Have a great week, everybody!! :)

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