Tuesday, November 22, 2011

400 Pages!

I decided to lengthen my third book, because I decided that if Christopher Paolini's third book can be 700 pages, mine can at least be longer than 300-something. It now has 400 pages, and I'M STILL NOT FINISHED! *evil laughter* I'm a fan of long books, and mine are only going to get longer as they go (ehehehehe!!!), so yeah; been adding to Book Three's page count. The part I'm adding is pretty epic, too, so no worries: it's not just fluff. :) 
    Ahhhhhhh!! So excited about my book signing!!! How cool is it that God has allowed me to use the talent He's given me in such a great way?? I'm so thankful He's given me this opportunity; it's so unreal and so awesome!! :D

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