Friday, August 05, 2011

Party Today, Party Tomorrow

Got back from M.D.'s sleepover at around 1; it was so much fun! When we first got there, we went out to her living room and picked out flip flops that she had bought us, and there were cut up strips of bandanas that we could tie to the straps of the shoes. My shoes are pink/green with purple bandanas :D Then we decorated her cake, which started out as a plain iced chocolate cake and ended up with a tennis court of M&Ms, a pool of M&Ms, giant cherry gummies, 'planking' gummy bears, a gummy bear grave, and some other strange things. It looked absolutely terrible, but it tasted really good! Then we waited until N.G. (who had volleyball practise) got there, and then we watched Soul Surfer and ate the cake and popcorn. After the movie, we up to M.D.'s room and got ready for bed, whereupon we played 'Would You Rather...?' and then went to sleep. It was SO HOT in there!!! There were 9 girls all in one room, and I had this real thick sleeping bag that made it really hot even with the ceiling fan on. It was also kinda hard to be comfortable, 'cause another girl's head was just like a foot away from my feet, so I couldn't move around too much, which I usually do before I go to sleep.  When we woke up, we ate breakfast, took pictures of us jumping, and then went home. 'Twas very fun! And then tomorrow, the Gs invited me to go to Hamilton Pool with them, and I can't wait to go back! There's a picture of it up there somewhere :) It's so beautiful!! I'm making it the hideout of two very important fugitives in the third book, and I should be writing about it fairly soon; can't wait! :D 

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  1. I can't wait for tomorrow! It is going to be amazing and this time I will be able to join yall in the freezing water!