Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Lake - Results

The lake was awesome!!!!! Whooooo! I love water so much! :D 
   Nicole and Priscilla and I played MASH on my iPod on the way to the lake, and we came up with some very...interesting results....But it was really funny! We arrived at the condo and had a ton of trouble with the lock....turns out we had the wrong combination! Ahaha, of course we did...We were probably out there for fifteen or twenty minutes. We went swimming in the lake and then to dinner at a tasty little restaurant down the road. Then we went swimming again later that night and met this teenage guy named Raymond, from Round Rock. He was really awesome and hung out with us for a while. He made our night a lot of fun, as we jumped around on the dock and the giant SplashZone inner tube. We didn't see him again after that night, though. 
     Yesterday, we swam a lot and came up with the idea of rewriting the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender so that Zuko and Katara get together (muahahahahaha!!!) as Nicole, Priscilla, and I are avid Zutara fans :) We came up with several new episode ideas, and if I ever get around to writing them, I may post them on here just for fun :) That was a lot of fun; we also made Priscilla and Nicole into mermaids....very fat mermaids, haha! There had to be a lot of sand, so it made them look fat (they're not, by the way ;) ) We also fed Frosted Mini Wheats to Rufus, who reappeared. We herded the poor little guy (he's a duck, by the way, if you don't know who Rufus is) to the shore and I ran to get something to feed him while Nicole and Priscilla kept him there. I think by the end of his meal, he decided that captivity wasn't so bad :) We also failed at playing volleyball....but I won't go into that ;)
     Today, we just swam again and talked about our stories. Priscilla's writing one (visit her blog by clicking here) and so is Nicole, so we discussed different ideas and thoughts about them. That was fun! And then we cleaned the condo and headed home. All in all, an amazingly awesome adventure! :D

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