Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Designing Covers

Well, I finally heard back about the cover for Young Falcon. Ms. Hara sent me the 4 different designs that the designer, Laura, created, and I would put my favourite up on the blog, but Mum said I can't, as it's not copyrighted yet. You shall see it soon, though! It's pretty good; the only thing I don't like is the girl that Laura chose as Elysia...she looks kinda dorky, and her dress is too medieval (Laura used Shutterstock.com to find pics of Elysia, Lliam, and a falcon). I also don't like the font she chose, so we're gonna change that. I searched Shutterstock and found a pic of a girl I like a lot better for Elysia; she looks like her and doesn't look goofy :) So we'll see if Laura can switch the girls out. The cover actually turned out better than I was expecting, considering that all we're using is Shutterstock, so thank God for that! :) I know He'll make it so that the best cover possible will be the one we end up using, so I'm not worried, just anxious to see it!
    To the G's: I'll email y'all the cover so you can see it and tell me what you think! :)

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