Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another Snippet From Young Falcon

Here's yet another snippet from Young Falcon, just to keep your curiosity and excitement going. Enjoy!

(From the chapter 'Flight')

A sudden wave doused me with cool river water, making me flinch with surprise. Once the water splashed down the ground, I sat up and forcedly coughed the liquid out of my mouth and throat. I glanced in confusion at the river; I had not thought we were close enough to it for me to get so wet. But the water churned and frothed angrily behind me, abnormally so. Waves sputtered high in the air and sprayed us with icy water. I sucked in my breath as the water doused me again, making my muscles tighten.
    “Well, well, well.”
    Gasping, I whipped my head around and saw the man from the pass, the one who looked identical to Lliam, standing over me, his sword at my neck. His blue eyes were vaguely amused. “Look what we have here,” he said softly, eyes boring into me with a strange intensity.
    Panting, I was silent as I stared back.
    He knelt down before me, and I instinctively scooted back a few inches, unsure what was going to happen next. “I’m sure Lliam’s told you who I am, hasn’t he?” he said in a very low voice, one that I doubted anyone else could hear. “But in case the name slipped your mind, I’m Roman,” he said, blue eyes still searching mine.
    I said nothing, though my heartbeat gained speed and began pounding against my chest like a prisoner banging on her cell for release.
    I heard the sounds of a scuffle nearby, and, turning my head, I saw Efroy being restrained by three of Roman’s men, but they were having a difficult time, so greatly was Efroy struggling against them. They called another soldier over to help them, but Efroy fought with even greater intensity.
    I turned my attention back to Roman as he said, “You got something in Meneltaur√©, didn’t you, Elysia? Something I would be very interested in obtaining. And since you and your friend are so conveniently here with us, why don’t you give it to me, and you can be on your way, hmm?”
    I started to say something, but suddenly Efroy broke loose from the soldiers and in an instant was behind Roman. He jerked Roman to his feet and held the dagger to his throat. “Let Elysia and me go,” Efroy hissed, the blade so dangerously close that with the tiniest movement, it might cut Roman’s neck. Alarmed because he looked so much like Lliam—and I briefly forgot that it was not Lliam that had Efroy’s knife to his throat—my heart skipped a beat, and I waited breathlessly. Nevertheless, Roman seemed strangely relaxed, as if he were merely humouring Efroy.
    Roman’s soldiers instantly raised their arrows and pointed them at Efroy, but he did not seem too concerned: He had Roman as his shield.
    However, it seemed Roman had other plans. He jabbed his elbow back into Efroy’s ribs with such an incredible force that Efroy doubled over, the dagger falling from his hand. Roman caught it and whirled around, kicking Efroy in the side of the head as he fell. Once Efroy was on the ground, Roman held the dagger to Efroy’s throat. “I think not,” Roman hissed.
    “Elysia!” Efroy gasped. “Jump!”

Just a little teaser :)

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