Thursday, July 07, 2011

Never Mind!

Just heard back from Ms. Hara! Thank goodness - and God! I was getting pretty antsy there :) The only sad thing was that I'm not close enough to Bothell, Washington to work with her two other young writers who are doing a presentation called Teens Writing Novels in the Northwest Book Fest 2011. So bummed! I really, REALLY want to meet them someday, and hopefully, I'll get to work with them on some more projects. It would be so fun to have some friends who were also authors!
     Basically, Ms. Hara and her team are ready to start working on Young Falcon the moment Dad gives the go-ahead - which I hope will be soon. It's just all the preliminary questions that are weighing us down, but I think we're just about to get them all cleared up. Ms. Hara said that the holiday season is - obviously - the best time to sell books, so my book is going to be completed by then, at least. She just answered some of my dad's questions about shipping, distribution, eBooks, etc. 
      It's almost time!! Pray for me, guys! :)

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