Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial

Ok, I know everyone's talking about it, so I will too. Honestly, I'm glad Ms. Anthony didn't have to die, for two reasons. 1) She's a human being. She has a soul that God made, and I will never willingly or gladly agree with the death of a human. 2) I've heard dozens of stories about criminals who have found God whilst in jail or after they've been freed, and I pray that Ms. Anthony will find Him too. No soul in irredeemable! What she did was wrong and terrible, yes, but she's still a child of God and therefore I want to see her in Heaven when the Lord takes us home. However, I do think that she should have received a slightly harsher punishment, even if only a few more years in prison. While there was no solid, 100% proof that she killed Caylee, I don't know who else would have. Like Linda Drane Burdick said in the closing arguments, Whose life would have been better without Caylee? I just don't know, but I trust that this is what God has allowed to happen, for whatever reason, and I know, therefore, that He still has a purpose for Casey Anthony. Just remember - Casey is a child of God. He made her, and He doesn't love her any less for what she did! Little Caylee is in Heaven with Him, and He will care for her. Pray for Casey, friends; pray that she finds her way home to her loving Father!

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