Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bills and Waiting

Got the bill from my editor today, and it was higher than she originally told us. Yippee. Her original estimate was that it would cost $800 for two reviews of the manuscript, but in her email, she decided that she had underestimated and now it's going to cost $925...for one review. Mum emailed her to ask why, but we're gonna still have to pay it. Meh, that's kinda annoying, but I suppose it's hard to know how much work will need to be done at the beginning. And we're still waiting to hear back from Ms. Hara and the cover designer. Ms. Hara said she would contact me on Monday about the cover, but still haven't heard anything so far, so that may be either good (she and the designer are working on an idea) or bad (they still don't have an idea). Fuuun stuff! Keep praying, friends!

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