Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Today at my school, we had a day of running. Every year, my school makes us send out letters to 20 people we know, asking them to sponsor us in the race by sending us money, and if you send 20 letters, you get a free t-shirt and you 'get' to run. But if not, you have to stay in the library and do worksheets allllll day. Fun stuff.  
    So the elementary and junior high run in a circle around the soccer field for 30 minutes at a time (each grade runs for 30 minutes) and you have to run 20 laps in order to either get a party (elementary) or a day off from school (junior high). The high school (a.k.a. me, my friends, and about 100 other people) 'get' to run a 5K (3.1 miles normally, but ours is actually 3.8 miles), which consists of three gigantic laps around the school and you have to complete it in an hour in order to get a day off. You can walk it, but you probably won't finish unless you're a very, very fast walker.
   Sooo we started running at 1 o'clock (not the best time to run, because it gets pretty hot and you're running for an hour) and there's this one guy, M.M., who is on his third lap by the time I'm starting my second. o.O He's REALLY fast!! And his sister, M.M., did the same thing, and she even ran a fourth lap with G.C.! Yeesh, people, quit making the rest of us feel so slow! :) But I really liked running the 5K, because you actually get to run by the woods and the baseball field and it's not just a little circle around the soccer field. And you have an hour instead of only 30 minutes.
    Oh! And when I got to the baseball-field part, I was running (unlike some people) and one of the kids who was on Safety Patrol (who were guiding us on the course) started running with me 'cause he said, 'Everyone else is walking!' and that...made my day.  He ran all the way around the field with me and waved at me on the next lap. Awesome!! God blesses us in unexpected ways, doesn't He? 
    Hour of running today = gooood stuff :)

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