Friday, March 11, 2011

Crunch Time!

Ok, I have made a decision - I'm giving Mr. P until the end of spring break to reply to my email and/or send me the notes from Young Falcon, 'cause he's had the darn thing since Christmas break and has had PLENTY of time to finish it. So it's time to move on. By the end of spring break - no matter what - I'm sending my book to the agency. (I'M SO EXCITED! AHHHH!!)
    Brother's coming home from college tomorrow!! Yay! He's gonna help me spiffy-up my query letter, along with Mum, and we'll get it all ready to send.
     Also - pray for Adam Lambert. God's put him heavy on my heart this week, so I just wanted to let y'all know to pray for him as well. He needs our prayers, guys! When believers pray, miracles happen!
     Have an amazing, God-filled spring break! :)

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