Saturday, March 05, 2011


Getting my book copyrighted today! Whoot! Apparently Dad thinks I need to get it copyrighted so some weirdo person with no life won't steal my manuscript (I mean, seriously. Who goes around looking for unpublished manuscripts to steal?) But I agree; it'd be best to get it as protected as possible.
  So, we found this online copyright submissions website (the official Library of Congress Copyright Office website) and I'm submitting my book to them today, for a small fee of...$35.  Well, it was gonna be $60 to send it in the mail, so Dad decided to do this one. And apparently it takes approximately 4.5 months to get one's certificate of yes-we've-gotten-your-work-and-its-now-copyrighted when you submit online, and 15 months when you send it in the mail.  But they said you don't have to wait for the certificate to proceed with publication. (Whew!) So it's all good. :) 
  Look out, Andrea Brown Literary Agency! Elizabeth Anne is coming soon!! 

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