Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wild Onions!

Have you ever had a wild onion? Like, a real wild onion? The ones you find near creeks and that you have to pull up out of the dirt? I had some today, and I now officially declare them amazing works of art! My friend G.C. and I went on a trail run (a term used at my school referring to going down near the creek) during yearbook to take pictures and G.C. pauses on our way to the creek and she says, 'Is that onion grass?' And so we stop and pull up the grass and at the end of the grass blade is a tiny, dirty little onion! We peeled off the dirt-covering and found a pure, white onion beneath and, being freshmen, decide to try them. WILD ONIONS ARE AMAZING!. They've got this weird, spicy zest that you don't really find in store-bought onions and they're also really hot.  So we ate quite a lot of them, and G.C. put a few in her pocket to put on her sandwich for lunch. Once she ate her sandwich, she looked over at me and said, 'This is a most excellent sandwich'. :)
 Wild onions - epic win.
 Thank you, God, for wild onions!!

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