Friday, March 18, 2011


On Thursday, I went to my friend H.K.'s 16th birthday party. H.K. is from Korea, and she's only been at my school for aboout 3 weeks, so I was kinda surprised I got invited, but happy, too. Her b-day party was at her guardians' home at 5:30 on Thursday, and I was the first one there, which was a teensy bit awkward, but it was ok. About twenty minutes later, her friend Clare got there, so that made it a little better. About twenty minutes after that, my best friend M.M. got there, which made it A LOT better!! M.M. is such a goofball. She entertained us all while we ate and waited for J.J., A.S., and T.H. to get there, but out of the 3 of them, only J.J. showed up. (A.S. and T.H. ended up not being able to come, for reasons still unknown o.O) After we ate, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (which is an AMAZING movie, by the way!!) on this big-screen projector that H.K.'s 'dad' had set up. It was really big and awesome!! But M.M. spent most of the movie trying to shove chips in my mouth, which was kinda...weird. o.O
   But it was an awesommmmme birthday party! They even had two cats! Maine Coon cats, which are big and FLUFFY. Ziggy and Zeba were their names. J.J. is obsessed with cats, so she had a blast. :)
   But the really cool thing was, after we left, Mum told me that H.K.'s 'dad', Clint, works as a track coach at my best friend's school! (For all of you who aren't sure who J.R. is, he's an eighth grader who used to go to my school, who was my best friend for a long time, my boyfriend for almost a year, and is no longer going to my school) Now...J.R.'s been having some problems at his new school, and I've been concerned about him. Mum told Clint about J.R. and that we were concerned about him, and Clint says, "I'm on it!" He said that he'll find some time to sit down and talk as a friend to J.R. and maybe help him find his way through all the stuff he's been dealing with. Wow!!! God is so good!! I had been praying very earnestly in the days prior to Thursday for God to send J.R. someone to help him, and bam! God sends someone!! I mean, what are the odds that Clint and his wife have known H.K. from the time she was 10, happened to be able to be her guardians when she came to the U.S., sent her to my school, invited me to the party, and works at J.R.'s school? If that isn't an answered prayer, then I'm a turnip. (I hate turnips, by the way)
   God is truly working in all our lives, friends! He's got it all under control. :)

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