Monday, December 14, 2015

So What Kind of Christmas Music Does A Writer Listen To?

I still haven't started listening to Christmas music. Okay, actually, that's a lie, because I'm listening to a Christmas song right now. But it's in Gaelic, and it's called "Don Oíche Úd I Mbeithil," which means "That Night in Bethlehem." Also in my playlist are the songs "Weiße Weihnacht," two versions of "Suantraí," "Mitt hjerte alltid vanker," and "Tu scendi dalle stelle." Oh, and some Michael Bublé, Scotty McCreery, Kelly Clarkson, 11 Acorn Lane, 4 or 5 Celtic albums, Josh Groban, and Pentatonix. Y'know, your average Christmas playlist. 

Me during the holidays. Especially if it's
actually snowing. Which it does in VA. A lot.
I have such unique Christmas music because I generally hate all the stuff on the radio. I mean, really. Do we have to play the same five songs sung in five different versions by five different artists all December long? Aren't there five other artists out there who deserve a chance to be heard? Can we please stop playing "The Christmas Donkey," "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," and "Feliz Navidad?" Please?! I'm not a Scrooge, I promise. I even bought a shirt with a golden reindeer on it today. I'm more of a Grumpy Cat when it comes to Christmas (see picture).  

In fact, I'm unbelievably excited to go home simply because I get to wrap Christmas presents for my family while dancing in the kitchen to some electro-swing Christmas carols and munching on organic carrots or something. I've been compiling a giant playlist (okay, it's only 101 songs so far) to which to listen while I wrap presents and decorate the tree. SO. EXCITED. 

So, you see, I'm really not a Scrooge. I just prefer non-traditional music. I ain't no mainstream hipster with a cute Christmas sweater and a peppermint latté or whatever people drink these days. My golden reindeer shirt is better than your tacky sweater! 

There ya have it, folks. This writer listens to Christmas music of the Celtic / Gaelic, Italian, German, Norwegian, electro-swing, a capella, country, pop, and whatever-Michael-Bublé-is variety. Because mainstream music is too mainstream. (See, this is what five months with people my own age does to me; I start talking like the rest of these "trendy" people. Whatever that even means.)

In other news, I finished my finals today! Which means I get to go home soon. G.C. and I are planning a baby shower for one of our friends, and in addition to that, we're going to another play at the EmilyAnn Theater to see my friend D.C. in A Christmas Carol. Super excited for both of those things! :D If anything noteworthy happens over break, I'll throw it up here. 

Ciao for now, lovely people. And I'll go ahead and say it because I'm a free American and I can say what I want: MERRY CHRISTMAS :) 

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