Sunday, December 06, 2015

"Let's Have A Spontaneous Adventure!"

I seem to have lots of those, don't I? Which isn't a bad thing, by any means! So yesterday, our writing club had its third meeting (minus about half of the group), and we swapped short stories so we didn't have to read ours aloud—for those of you who aren't writers, you must understand that we are collectively wary of reading our works aloud because we wrote them, and it's akin to sharing a very personal secret with people you hardly know >.< So thankfully, we did not have to read our own stories aloud. 
      After each story was read, we all offered praise and constructive criticism. It was fun to see how differently we interpeeted our prompt, which was: You see the love of your life 10 years before you first meet, and (s)he isn't at all what you expected. (You can find my story here.) S.M. and I, however, basically wrote the same story: Girl and Boy love each other. Girl goes back in time and meets Boy 10 years ago. Boy is trying to commit suicide. Girl convinces Boy not to kill himself. Girl goes back to her own time and throws her arms around Boy, and they live happily ever after. And if that wasn't weird enough, S.M. named her characters Angie and John, and my characters were named Anna and John. Coincidence? Hmm .... *suspenseful music plays*
      All of the stories were great. I really enjoyed seeing how differently we all interpreted the prompt, even though only three of us actually finished our stories (we still read the fourth, though). Three used time travel, one didn't. Two had a female protagonist, two had a male. Two protagonists were scientists, one was a cop, and one was a housewife. It was great :) 

Photo credit: M.F.
   After the meeting ended, four of us went to the cafeteria. We ate, and then S.M., J.S., and I stayed there, talking, until I suggested we go to the observatory since we all love astronomy. I've been with M.F. before, and I've been looking for an opportunity to return, so we all met up at the bus stop later on. The bus driver that was supposed to take us to the observatory refused (awkward), so we took a bus out to J.S.'s off-campus dorm, got his car, and drove ourselves. 

     Once there, we got to see lots of cool things, such as the Andromeda galaxy, the Pleiades, Uranus, and a scarlet star that could fit a billion of our suns inside it. We also saw the Orion nebula, which was amazing, because we could actually see the gas clouds, and they were a beautiful turquoise color. And J.S. has his own telescope, so he invited us to go stargazing again next Friday—I'm so happy I've found other people who like astronomy! :D Friends are great in general, but friends with similar interests are even better. 
     After getting back to the dorm, I chilled with S.M. We worked on t-shirt designs for the club, and S.M. is setting up a website where we can all post our stories for the World Wide Web to read. It'll be awesome, because she's a website wizard. Looking forward to seeing the final product! 
     That was our spontaneous adventure. As S.M. said so succinctly, "I enjoyed it immensely." :) 

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