Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to Comfort a Writer (An Awesome and Apt Poem I Found on deviantArt)

I stumbled across this poem on deviantArt today and thought I would share it because, as the blog title suggests, it is indeed an apt representation of how to comfort a writer. In case you ever come across a writer in need of comforting.

Written by katmaris4ever

Never tell a writer he's good enough
Because he knows this isn't the case
And he'll become conscious at the lie
That he can stop improving
And will be unable to show his true feelings.

Tell her she can change
And what you liked
About her displays of affection 
Written in words of wonder
At the bright beautiful world ahead

Never tell a writer she's perfect
For she'll twist your words into decadent deceit
She knows this is impossible 
And will realize you never looked into her heart
As she wore it on her sleeve

Tell him that there's work to be done
Before he can truly be an artist
But say that he's on the right track
And guide him with words of encouragement
In his eyes, affirmation is excellence.

Never scoff when a writer bursts out
Bubbling with his interests
For this is what he holds to himself
Wanting to express what dwells inside his mind
But you couldn't care less. 

Tell her that you appreciate
The beauty of effervescent brokenness
For this is what separates the mundane from the magical 
Spontaneity springs eternal
The imagination of the scribe is unending.

Never tell a writer she has too much time
Because in her eyes, she has lived a thousand lives
To conquer the depths of the unknown
And send the message of her love
To anyone who gives an iota of attention.  

Tell him he can use you
As inspiration for the times he's in solitude
Mementos of the past are sufficient
For a lifetime of present work
And the future will wait for him. 

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