Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Even More Book Events!

Right now, I'm negotiating the possibility of being an exhibitor/presenter at CHEACT, which is a home-school writer's conference...I think (not sure exactly what it is). The guy in charge of it said they'd love to have me, but were concerned that I had only one book to sell (Dude, I'm only 16. How many do you expect me to have? ;) ) and therefore would only use part of the booth they'd give me. But he said this 'nice lady' also has one book to sell and she'd asked him if she could share a booth with somebody, so he's suggesting that. We'd split the cost of the booth. God provides always, my friends! :) Hopefully this will work out. Please pray that it does!! Whew...this is going to be a busy spring o.O I also have to have a persuasive speech topic (ugh) by tomorrow, and I'm thinking I'll talk about the inadequacy of villains in current literature. I'm rather passionate about that ;) Anyway, I'll update you on the CHEACT thing (I always see 'cheat' when I look at that....) and let you know all the details. Have a great week! :)

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