Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wedding Bells in the Distance

My brother now has a fiancee. He took his girlfriend of 3 years (Wade) on a walk after supper tonight, and they walked to the Civic Centre, which used to be a school. There's a lighted gazebo out there, and he proposed to her tonight. Then he called Mum, and she, my aunt, my grandma, and I went out there, armed with our cameras, and had them reenact the proposal so we could take pictures to send to Wade's mum. This is a pic of her ring (sorta fuzzy, but you get the idea). 
      Hummmm. Not sure how I feel about all this yet. It's definitely going to be a huge adjustment (even though he's been at home less and less over the past year or two), and I'm really sad that we're not going to have the same close relationship anymore. It hasn't been the same for a while, now, actually. He and Mum have accused me of being unfriendly to and/or jealous of Wade, but I'm not; just distressed that my brother is going to be leaving. Nothing's going to be the same anymore... He's going to have a new life, and I'll just be at home still, going to school and writing. I don't like change, and this is a big one. Oh well. I'll adjust. I know that God will be watching over Brother and Wade (and me), so that's consoling. It's all just part of His plan, and He knows best, so I'll just trust Him and let Him guide my feelings about all this. That's the best way to do it, after all; the safest and most reliable. 
     But enough of my semi-complicated emotions; have a happy New Year! I hope God blesses you richly in 2012, and that you always look to Him for your needs; He will reward you for it, trust me. Hope you all have a fantastic year! :)

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