Monday, January 23, 2012

Speeches and a New Story

I have another book signing coming up on the 24th of February, so I've enlisted my Speech teacher's help for that, as I'm not very skilled at talking to people...especially about myself o.O So that should be interesting ;) I'm also brainstorming on a new story, one that I might try to write when I finish Sons and Daughters, and yes, I know that will be years from now, so who knows? I like it right now, though :) Here is a teaser cover I made; not very good, but I like it :)
Definition of rat race: an endless, pointless, competitive activity. I'm redefining 'rat race' with this story...sort of ;) It's a very fun story so far, and I have 12 pages written upon it thus far. I may release further info if this interests any of you. I may do so even if it doesn't ;) Anyway. Hope you are all having a great 2012 so far! :D And if you haven't voted on the favourite character poll yet, please do so!!! :)

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