Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Page 26

Okay, today I'm on page 26. I actually started on page 20 yesterday, but because I wasn't sure I would have any more time to work on it, I posted about page 22. So yeah :) I'm really happy with what I've written so far; Book Four is already epic!! :D And as a random spoiler, Roman is stuck all alone...on a beach. That should keep you thinking for a while ;) I'm also simultaneously trying to finish Book Three, because I'm at the point in Book Four where I can't continue until I figure out what happens at the end of Book Three. *sigh* N.G., I'm thinking I may not be able to do Book Four from Cerwin's point of view after all, because if I did, there would be an entire part of the story that wouldn't have anyone's P.OV. covering it. So we shall see... :/ Hope you're all having a great Christmas break so far; I know I am. Merry Christmas, y'all!! :)

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