Monday, October 17, 2011

Sleepover at H.K.'s, NHS Inductions, and Interview

On Friday, it was a half-day, and I spent the time after school (from 12 to 5) hanging out with friends and watching the run-through for my school's Sound of Music play. It was pretty good, but they still need a lot of work on their lines! When that was over, A.S. and I rode with her dad over to H.K.'s house, whereupon we proceeded to pet her extremely fluffy cats, play guitar, sing, eat pizza, and watch the cats wrestle, which was very amusing. Zeba, the female cat, loved pouncing on her brother, Zeke :D Then we 'went to bed'. Ok, actually we stayed up until almost 1, talking - which is the BEST part of sleepovers! It was an amazing conversation. The next morning, we woke up, had donuts for breakfast, walked to Sonic and had shakes, and then visited the park near H.K.'s house. We went back to her house and waited until my dad came and took me home. Very fun stuff!!
     Today, we had NHS (National Honour Society) inductions, meaning we got to dress up, go to a fancy restaurant, eat good food, and get a shiny pin :D Very fun.
     Tomorrow, J.R. shall be interviewing me about my book. I have some notes (ok, I have 4 pages of notes) to take with me because I'm not very good at talking ... especially around him o.O But it should be fun, nevertheless!! :D Have a great week, y'all, and God bless!

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