Friday, October 07, 2011

New Author Buddy!

So this week, my editor—Julie Scandora—sent an email to me, telling me about the two others young authors that BPN has published. Marta Stahlfeld, author of Darkwoods, has a blog and I've already contacted her and we've emailed some, but through Ms. Scandora's email, I learned of the other girl, Manoush Castaneda, author of The Ways of the Owls. (Interesting how all our book titles/content have something to do with animals...) And so Manoush, who—along with Marta—is a high school senior in Washington State, and I have been emailing and she's really cool! :D Yay for author buddies! I'm really glad that there are some other young authors out there with whom I can communicate and discuss our mutual love of writing; God's so great to introduce us to each other! :D

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