Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fall Break!

At my school, we get Fall Break (the fall equivalent of Spring Break), and tomorrow is our last day of school until next Tuesday! :D PG13 and N.G. are coming over on Saturday, spending the night, and then going to the 'rock-band' church with me on Sunday. Ahaha, I love how all my friends call my church a 'rock-band' church :D It's really not that loud compared to some other people's churches, but all my friends are either Catholic or Church of Christ, so a Baptist church can seem rather noisy, I suppose ;) But it's gonna be awesome!
   Also, J.R. shall be gathering info from this blog for his article about my book this weekend; fun stuff! :D Hello, J.R.! :)
    Everybody have a safe and awesome weekend. God bless!!

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