Friday, October 21, 2011

Approximate Date of Availability

We called my distributor, Erik Korhel, today and he answered a lot of our questions about where the books are gonna go, to whom they'll be going, yada yada. It seems that in order to get fancy bookstores like Barnes and Noble to carry Young Falcon, I have to do 'event's (i.e. book signings) and actually sell some books to show them that my book is worth selling. Fuuuuun. We also got an approximate release date for the books' availability for buying...well, ok, not exactly. But Ms. Hara said the books will ship next Friday, and it'll take 3-5 days for them to get here, and then a few more days for us to set everything up, so that comes out to be around November 7th, so until I hear otherwise, the 7th is going to be my release date :) We'll be getting 240 copies, and Erik will get the rest, and yes, PG13, you will get the second copy, and N.G., you shall get the third, because y'all are just that awesome ;) I'm exciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiited!!!! :D

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