Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Ok, I finished my chemistry project on sulfur (I picked sulfur because it's going to be important in one of my later books; isn't that just like me to pick a project because it relates to my books? Haha!) and I'm so glad, because now I don't have two projects hanging over my head for this weekend...only one! Yes!! 
      I'm also writing a bit on Book Three, which is very good, because I'm getting SO close to one of the most epic parts in the book!! Ahhhhhh it's so intense; I cannot WAIT to hear what y'all think of it when you get to that part!! :D 'Course, you have to get through Young Falcon and Book Two first... ;) But I promise, it will totally be worth the wait! Update on Young Falcon, by the way - it will be available for buying in approximately 4 weeks (I'll let you know the exact date when Ms. Hara tells me). So excited for you to be able to finally read my book! I really hope you like it; I think you will :) Keep praying; your prayers have been a huge help, and I know God has blessed me because of your support! God bless. :)

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